Learning by playing in 3D

Children learn various skills by simply playing with toys. As artists, we should acquire new skills through a similar process of experimenting with different techniques. So why do most teachers tell us what to do when they should be guiding us through play? At Friday Lab, we want to revert back to learning through experimentation to teach you 3D!

In just a 45 minute live tutorial class, we will show participants how it's possible to learn 3D skills in Blender by creating fun puzzles. The trial lesson would start by showcasing puzzles we have created, then walk participants through the process of creating their own educational puzzles.

Our studio aims to expand the Blender creative community in Israel, so we can continue to collaborate, create and educate in innovative ways.

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Portrait of Maor fridman
Maor fridman
3D Artist
Eli Rabinovich
3D Artist