Grease Pencil tools for animation productions

The Blender Grease Pencil has been of great use at the animation studio Les Fées Spéciales since 2018.
In this talk, Amélie will present some of the tools developed in the studio for the grease pencil. The discussion will follow three use cases corresponding to different projects : animation sequences for a video game, animation within a live-action documentary, and the teaser of an animated series.

First, she will focus on the management of color palettes using grease pencil materials. This part will include a fast-and-precise solution for picking a material within a large list, and a method to do reversible color mapping, both released as free open-source add-ons.
Then, she will present a method to map and animate grease pencil strokes in a 2D deformable grid, and a triangulation algorithm to convert grease pencil strokes into fair and regular meshes.

Amelie Fondevilla
Les Fées Spéciales