The Siren: Making of an international feature film

In this talk, we’ll present the making of the feature film The Siren (to be released 2023). This movie, taking place during the Iran–Iraq War, with a strong art style, was made between 9 studios across Europe, during the COVID lockdowns, so we had to create solutions to get everyone up to date at any point. Les Fées Spéciales was in charge of creating the pipeline and supervising rigging and rendering.

For two years, the studio shared the workflow and supported the other studios -mostly Blender novices- to go through the production.

Apart from 2D backgrounds and compositing, Blender was the main DCC of this 1800+ shots long feature film. From artistic tools, to sanity check, through shared libraries, add-on management and support, this is how a small team can work remotely with Blender.


  • Flavio Perez graduated from the french parisian schools Estienne (Animation), Gobelins (Production) and Paris 8 Art and Technologies of Images (Programming). His training offers him a global vision on animation technical direction. He worked with Autour de Minuit on a dozen of shorts as production assistant (including Logorama and Babioles). He then went to Illumination Mac Guff as a Technical Di…

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