Stax: Reviewing tool based on Blender

Stax is a reviewing tool built as a very advanced Blender Application Template.…

Its purpose is to display image medias and to review them using Grease Pencil tools. It gets advantage of all the relevant VSE's features for reviewing. It's been originally designed to fit Animation Supervisor's needs, but has been considered relevant and adopted for many other departments. For example, Blender makes possible to review raw images sequences or heavy compositing files in source resolution, and produced drawings are fully compatible with a low resolution version of the shot watched at home.

To make the reviews editing and sharing easy, Félix created OpenReviewIO as an open standard. ORIO has a non-destructive and light design which keeps review informations small and compatible, avoiding to have to re-render and send a movie with the drawings, it stores only the drawn annotations and the written comments of the note.