The pipeline manager strikes back - Ads, VFX and mobile games intros

In this presentation, Serj Maiorov, the Pipeline manger at BlackBoardVFX Studios will share his experience from different challenges - and try to answer your most burning questions, like:
When do you need to 3d print a screaming turtle?
How to shoot a rotating room in the most painful way?
Why appealing character animation is more important than a good looking render?
Why you cant trust too fancy robot cameras?
How we integrated EmberGen in our Blender pipeline?
And many more findings from different areas of the pipeline - from pre-production to the final post.

BlackBoard VFX is a studio from Israel, with vast experience in creating award-winning commercials and music video clips, and all that with Blender and AFX as our main tools.

Our showreel:

Serj Maiorov
Pipeline manager