Grease Pencil journey with Dédouze

Dédouze is known for using Blender to create artworks with a 2D look, close to traditional comics and animes, but mixing 3D and 2D elements. In this talk, he will explain how he uses the Grease Pencil tool to create the imaginary worlds from his dreams, and how this tool made him create artworks that he didn't even expect he would ever be able to create.
He will talk about his personal and professional experimentations, and will show how these experiments led him to new animation styles and workflows that wouldn't be possible with other softwares. Grease Pencil is not just about 2D or 2.5D anymore but something completely new, and there are still so many paths to explore !


  • Dédouze is a French self-taught illustrator and animator. His art includes many mediums—from traditional painting to 3D animation, focusing on making retro-style art with modern tools. He is known for using Blender and its Grease Pencil feature that mixes 2D and 3D animation. Besides making animated artworks, he likes telling stories inspired by his own life to make fun of sad or annoying situati…

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