Blending with Ada

Ada Sokół is a Polish artist and designer translating the oneiric visions and her own interpretation of the solar punk movement into 3D art. She plays with hyper-realism, creating truly captivating imagery that caught the attention of major brands such as Prada, Valentino, or Nike. Her works are almost entirely made in Blender, showcasing the wide range of possibilities this software gives to an artist.
In this talk, she will share her inspirations, pipeline, and some tips & tricks for creating awe striking visuals influenced by nature.


  • Ada Sokół is a 3D artist & designer. Her works allow the viewers to glance
    into her extraordinary imagination and offer a glimpse into her perspective
    of the beauty surrounding us.
    Subtlety, femininity, magic - those keywords are the most accurate way
    to describe her aesthetic. Her works are an ultra-sensory experience
    based on oniric sceneries resembling visions of the far future. Her rende…

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