Geometry Nodes development process

Dalai, Jacques and Hans talk about Geometry Nodes development process. How it started and pivoted, and how the experiences of geometry nodes helped the hair project and to define the priority for other satellite projects in Blender.


  • Graduated in Architecture and Urban Studies, using Blender since 2003 and contributor to the code since 2.47. His participation in the Blender community includes a book, few papers, workshops and talks at blender events.

    Worked as the development coordinator of Blender Code Quest 2018, and was one of the 2.8x development coordinators.

    At the moment works as development coordinator and produ…

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  • Started learning Blender in 2010 and began developing the Animation Nodes add-on in 2014. This development eventually opened up the opportunity to work for Blender starting in 2018. In the meantime he studied computer science in Berlin.

    Currently works as lead developer on the geometry nodes projects.

  • I'm a developer focused on the procedural aspect of editing geometry in Blender. I'm motivated by giving people powerful tools that are still intuitive, and by improving performance. I've also done work on Blender's user interface.