Developing an add-on with UX in mind

An add-on is appreciated by the users not only for the tasks it performs but also for its usability and its ability to be smoothly integrated in a workflow.
The design of the User Experience is then a key factor for its success.
In this talk Julien Blervaque will revisit the UX principles on the example of Ubisoft Shot Manager, a production tool providing a lot of creative flexibility for the creation of storyboard and previz animatics in a Blender scene. He will also dive into Python code to discuss some development considerations and tips related to UI.

More about Ubisoft Shot Manager:
Shot Manager is a free opensource add-on developed by Ubisoft since 2019. It is used internaly in production.
It provides a storyboarding workflow and a non-linear real-time editing of storyboard and previz sequences.
- Source code:
- Documentation: https://ubisoft-shotmanager.readthedocs…
- Presentation videos playlist:…

Julien Blervaque
Sr. Tools Technical Director - UX-UI Designer
Ubisoft Paris