Rigging with the Blender Studio tools

A showcase of how I rig characters at the Blender Studio, using tools like CloudRig and Pose Shape Keys.

In just 50 minutes I will try to show every step of my rigging process from scratch, starting with positioning the bones of a "MetaRig" to generate the control rig, through a little bit of rough weight painting, all the way to having a few basic mouth shapes using both bones and shape keys.

Rigging a (unique) character properly from start to finish would take a bit longer than 50 minutes, so don't expect an amazing result here! The focus here is on showcasing the workflow.


  • I've been the character rigger for the Blender Studio since 2019, working on projects like Sprite Fright, Charge, and the latest open movie Wing It! I also develop and share my own tools like CloudRig and EasyWeights.