VFX Work for Award-Winning Movies

How can Blender be used on a Studio scale production, especially when making VFX and Animations for Oscar winning directors such as Roman Polansky and Giuseppe Tornatore.
Using the tools and artists' abilities, taking advantage of a powerful and smartly distributed renderfarm, following the directions of great professionals in the movie-making industry.


  • Our motto is: delivering emotions!
    We work at your side we take care of your project from concept to final cut and let your vision inspire us.
    We strongly believe that bringing innovation and creativity to every project and sharing knowledge will create the most intense entertainment experience.

  • I started with Blender at the end of 2010 as a hobbyist.
    In November 2012 I was lucky enough to participate in an animation training at the Blender Foundation, with Francesco Siddi, Beorn Leonard and Pablo Vazquez as teachers.
    In April 2013 I returned to the Blender Foundation for another training about lighting and rendering, with Francesco Siddi, Pablo Vazquez and Sebastian Koenig as teachers…

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  • My passion for films and video games led me to approach the world of 3D from the age of 13.
    I started my career in the world of film post-production in 2003 in the Cinecittà studios in Rome as a 3d artist. Curiosity and a desire to learn have also allowed me to learn about digital compositing, film post-production, and even on set alongside many directors.
    Having followed the growth of Blender …

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  • I've been working in the entertainment industry, starting form TV and live events, since 2017.
    Today I'm very lucky to work in M74, an emerging cinema post-production company, which promotes the use and pushing of boundaries of new technologies and innovative softwares like Blender!
    Spoken languages: Italian and English.