Rapid design iteration: A deep dive in Breacher's level editor

When we started creating levels for our VR game Breachers we noticed we had to make adjustments within Blender that also needed to be reflected on Unity’s side, giving us lots of repetitive work and also being prone to errors.

As such, we started building a workflow to move functionality from Unity to Blender’s side. As development of Breachers went on, we continued adding functionalities and eventually ended up with the ability to create almost complete levels exclusively in Blender.
In this talk, Jel will go over how we extended Blender to work as an almost complete level editor.

Going over how the workflow technically functions, how we used Blender's Python API to create a better user experience for our artists, and generally going over the best practices of working this way.


  • I’m a self-taught Level Designer & Technical Artist from Ghent, Belgium. Currently working at Triangle Factory.

    My main focus is building new levels for games, from concept to finalized level. Helping with level design, environment art and our art pipeline. Having a background in programming, I make it a priority to reduce manual repetitive steps in our workflow.

    During the development of …

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