Multiverse of madness - how we render millions of doors

For nearly a decade now blendFX has been creating hundreds of thousands of product visualizations of all kinds of doors. What started as a one time job involving a bit of scripting and modeling has become a multi-year assignment with many ups and downs, new tools, new skills and new employees.
In the presentation Sebastian will talk about the journey from modeling a couple of doors to upgrading the workflow and overcoming challenges (e.g. not going mad), in order to handle tens of thousands of different door-configurations and render them automatically.


  • I'm a 3D Artist and co-founder of blendFX, a small 3D studio in Leipzig.
    In 2012 I was part of the team of the OpenMovie "Tears of Steel" as matchmover, compositor and VFX supervisor.
    At blendFX we are doing product visualization, VFX and virtual reality applications. I am mostly responsible for shading and rendering, as well as matchmoving and scripting.