Realtime 3D art limitations (interactive movie on the web)

Conrad Justin ( and Iggy ( will talk about about optimization and overcoming limitations of the 3D art with examples from first semi-interactive short movie on the web, project SPARK:

Learn the limitations and use them to your advantage (optimizing, wacky solutions, cool discoveries),
Useful info for 3D artists who work on games and scenes that need to perform - restrictions of topology, lighting, animation, textures....


  • I'm 30. making game art for 11 years :

    dozens of environments,
    thousands of props,
    thousands of sketches,
    just a few characters (it's hard!)
    55 dioramas,
    handful of tutorials,
    1 finished project ;)

    Joined Sketchfab masters in 2022, finished music school in 2015, graduated civil engineering in 2018, recently trying to lead an artistic collab. It worked!

  • Name: Igor Puškarić , 2D/3D generalist
    Sketchfab alias: Iggy-design


    My name is Igor Puškarić, in my both professional practice and a hobby, I joyfully exist as a 3D generalist doing freelance, while also developing and selling my own 3D modeling designs across the entire world.
    My "3D generalism" encompasses 3D modeling, developing 2D and 3D visual ideas and concepts, basic rigg…

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