Name: Igor Puškarić , 2D/3D generalist
Sketchfab alias: Iggy-design


My name is Igor Puškarić, in my both professional practice and a hobby, I joyfully exist as a 3D generalist doing freelance, while also developing and selling my own 3D modeling designs across the entire world.
My "3D generalism" encompasses 3D modeling, developing 2D and 3D visual ideas and concepts, basic rigging and 3D animation.

Prior to entering the 3D world, I finished Technical school, as an electronics technician.
Worked for a couple of years as a shipyard pipesmith at "Uljanik" Pula, followed by the same thing in the Netherlands for a few months.
After that, i re-qualified myself into a CNC programmer.

As a professional Artist, I am a part of several art related local non-profit groups, and a part of Game dev related community for almost over 14 years .

During that period, this path took me almost across the entire Planet, out of which I would specially mention the trip to USA, visiting two major game conventions as an exhibitor for the project we were building, called Novus Aeterno. These conventions were PAX_East and PAX_West, Boston and Seattle in 2011 and 2012.

My work has been showcased in all sorts of different promos, pertaining an array of products, out of witch I would specially mention one of the promo videos for a generation of Nvidia`s RTX Graphic cards.

Further on, my models have been showing up in a multitude of indie films , such as Melodysheeps- Beyond Life series, where I contributed with an utmost pleasure in both episodes, one and two. The first contribution was with an already made 3D modelled concept, and second was a purposeful design , intended specifically for that film/episode.

My Biomechanical Whale 3D Model, for me is one of the most popular and the most sold models to this date, and one of its most noticeable public appearances was in the Pawnishers "ALTERNATE REALITIES" challenge...

My models in general were widely used in games, VFX courses promos, illustrated poems collections and so on and so on...

I also had some lucky wins on several art challenge contests, a couple of interviews and podcasts, where i presented both my work and projects I worked on.

Some of the more notable ones are the interview with the worlds biggest Game Dev Blog, 80LVL, talking on the subject of how to design beasts, the Game Dev Unchained podcast on the fight to the top towards the gaming industry in Eastern Europe, and the Croatian Reboot podcast, discussing on my contributions within space ship design for the game "Interstellar Space" , after which I also worked on its expansion DLC, named "Natural Law".

One of the very sweetest happenings in my entire creative journey , was the fact of having my "Worker12", 3D animated model, being set on the very main page of the Sketchfab Platform, the worlds largest online 3D community on the planet, where it continues to exist to this day. :D

Further more, I won a Daily deviation on Deviant art, I taught Zbrush at Machina game dev academy in Zagreb, and was a speaker at several digital art and design related conventions, including Design Week in Zagreb in 2015, Innet forum at Slavonskoi Brod in 2018 and
gaming and Blockchain in Slavonski Brod in 2021, held by ConnectIT.

I hosted several art exhibitions showcasing my 3D printed designs, 3D designs and traditional pencil works.

As i Started working on the "Tanks of the Galaxy" mobile game in 2018, i started my own business Iggy Design J.D.O.O. , in which I worked within the entire artistic pipeline, including creation of a Promo trailer and marketing posters production.

In 2022 , I became a Sketchfab Master , and received some greater responsibilities across the platform, with a goal of social and artistic support overall, sending postcards, suggesting staff-picks for the more and more impressive work, incoming from the awesome members of Sketchfab community, etc...

I have also cooperated with an educational institution "Algebra", on creating a brand new curriculum for Croatian schools in the domain of 3D technologies.

In 2023 - I started the process of closing down my Iggy Design j.d.o.o. business and became a Blender educator / generalist / artist at Aniq d.o.o. , within an educational PISMO incubator center, where I joyfully continue to contribute today.

Thank you for reading! :)