Lightning talks and Suzanne Awards ceremony

The stage is open for 5 minute (or less) presentation! Enjoy your moment of fame, share your project or your story.

1) Svenja Strobel - Lightfield Simulation in Blender
2) Timothy Tan - Localizing Blender Studio for China
3) Sebastian König - LUBI - VFX for German TV
4) EosFoxx - A life show made in Blender
5) Greg Zaal - Photoscanning the moon!... lab
6) Nikodem Bredlich - Blender Short Films by Niko
7) Jarosław Dzedzej - Subsurface Talks
8) Tal Hershkovich - Animtoolbox add-on
9) Jason van Gumster - Blender conference LA
10) Marius Iatan - Yearly RenderStreet update
11) Alan Melikdjanian - Surviving Feedback
12) Peter Baintner - Render Rob
13) Andrea Accetta - Anamorphic animations
14) Vladimir Elistratov - 3D Cities by Google in Blender with Blosm Addon

Contact in case of last minute questions. We don't accept more talks though, for this year we are full.


  • Thomas started using Blender in 2007, Blender 2.44 was the first version he downloaded. Two years later he joined the 2.5x project and worked on the User Interface (mostly UI layouts). Later he joined the Cycles renderer team and worked on features like shading, performance and OSL. He got a Google Summer of Code grant three times (2013, 2014 and 2016). Today he works full time as developer commu…

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  • Fiona Cohen is an animation producer and project supervisor from France. During her 7 years of working with producers and studios to make animated short films, series and feature films, she discovered Blender at Autour de Minuit in 2018. Then started a journey of curiosity and learning, diving more and more into the Blender technology and its community. She visited Amsterdam in October 2022 for t…

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