Fiona Cohen is an animation producer and project supervisor from France. During her 7 years of working with producers and studios to make animated short films, series and feature films, she discovered Blender at Autour de Minuit in 2018. Then started a journey of curiosity and learning, diving more and more into the Blender technology and its community. She visited Amsterdam in October 2022 for the Blender Conference and got to experience the full power and thrill of the project.

In February 2023, she joined Blender Studio as a producer, managing movies, editing the Studio website and taking care of Blender-global tasks alongside Francesco and Ton. Since September, she's also taken on the duties of development coordinator, in the goal to better support the team and the projects Blender-wide.

A schedule whisperer as well as an R&D enthusiast, Fiona enjoys a technical challenge and a good pipeline diagram!