Cloud rendering pipeline with RANCH Computing

The aim of this presentation is exposing render project portability concerns,
in Blender but in other DCC as well, and talking about the emergence of standard (as USD) in that field.

On the RANCH Farm we support several 3D softwares as well as many different rendering engines,
we have to manage them all, with their different approaches and formats.
We had developed tools for each DCC, but we would like to simplify and unify our software pipeline.

On Blender, we support Cycles, Eevee but also Renderman now, and we want to extend the offer with other engines (charged as well as free).

We opened recently our RANCHecker tool for Blender : we distribute it free with a GPL licence.
For Cycles and Eevee we integrated recently, in a beta version, the Blender Asset Tracer,
and we would like to contribute to it or to exchange with the open source community about the future of these tools....