Design by Food - Unique objects inspired by the gastronomical tradition

Design by Food is a design research project that aims to conceive and produce design objects inspired by the gastronomical tradition of different cultures.

The creative process is inspired by culinary experiences or typical food. The main focus is to design objects whose formal and aesthetic aspects are parametrically managed. Each object is slightly different from all the others so as to make it unique and unrepeatable. The parameters act on the shapes and material aspects of the surface.

Once the 3D model is generated, the most suitable manufacturing technology is selected due to produce the unique objects. Python scripting has been used to customize some of the manufacturing process.

The project has inspired a spin-off of consisting in the creation of short animated clips that ironically combine some of the design objects basic shapes into famous masterpieces picked up from the world of visual art.


  • Passionate Architect, Designer and Artist Arcangelo Gabriele D'Alessandro completed is study of Architecture in Florence. He founded his own design studio in 2003, collaborating with some famous fashion brands as a product and interior designer.
    He started using Blender in 2004, integrating it more and more in the creative and design processes.
    In 2012 he collaborated with Francis Ford Coppola …

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  • Fabrizio Lorito, Electroncis Engineer with a PhD in Automation Engineering has a strong Technical and Mathematical background. He has been teaching at Polytechnic of Milan System Identification, Data Analysis, Adaptive Control.

    Fabrizio is presently Marketing Manager in a large multinational company.

    Passionate of visual arts (Photography, Watercolors, Acrilycs, Oil painting, Pen and ink D…

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