Portrait of Fabrizio Lorito

Fabrizio Lorito

3d Artist

Fabrizio Lorito, Electroncis Engineer with a PhD in Automation Engineering has a strong Technical and Mathematical background. He has been teaching at Polytechnic of Milan System Identification, Data Analysis, Adaptive Control.

Fabrizio is presently Marketing Manager in a large multinational company.

Passionate of visual arts (Photography, Watercolors, Acrilycs, Oil painting, Pen and ink Drawing and Sketcing, Sculpting), he discovered that the 3D World can combine all his passions and competencies in a unique way.

Fabrizio is presently focusing on an Open Source pipeline with Blender at its core. He is incessantly exploring all the potential of Blender, ranging from traditional and parametric/procedural modeling and texturing to animation, VFX and Add-on development, realizing short videos from concept to video editing in a continuous technical and artistic research.