Z-Anatomy: The open source 3D atlas of human anatomy

In less than two years, 'Z-Anatomy' gathered more than 5.000 tridimensional anatomical structures and labels with more than 3500 definitions in two fully functional open source viewers.

Available for free in 5 languages, it progressively becomes the open standard to all the Health Professional and Researchers and promotes the collaboration in the most essential scientific field.

Started in February 2021, 'Z-Anatomy' uses Blender as a workshop and as an Anatomy-Viewer by itself. A Belgian medical illustrator first gathered the several hundreds of existing separated open source 3D objects of Anatomy. Several models were combined, each object has been remeshed, symmetrized, renamed according to the latest official Anatomical Terminology, organized, completed, translated, defined and colorized.

Then, a Polish python coder started fixing issues before creating a whole serie of original functions aiming to let anybody study the anatomy directly inside Blender.

Finally, a Spanish developer created an application for desktop computers in which the model can be directly imported and that reproduces the functions initially created in Blender.

Gauthier KERVYN (Anatomy, 3D modeling)
Marcin ZIELINSKI (Python scripting)
Lluis VINENT (Unity developer)

Gauthier Kervyn
2D/3D Graphist/Anatomist
Z-Anatomy (Association)