A bird’s-eye view on the asset browser system

Blender 3.0 is the first release to feature an Asset Browser. A long time coming, but still just the beginning. The new asset functionality is making its way into more and more parts of Blender, optimizing and streamlining content creation workflows across the board.

This presentation will show the big picture: What are the Asset Browser and Asset System? What are they built to do? What are the priorities and limitations of the design? Which parts of Blender will integrate it in their workflows? What more is there to come? All this will be presented in a compact, easy to follow way.


  • Julian is a Blender developer with focus on usability aspects. He's the go-to person for anything related to the new asset system, user interface code, and the technical integration of VR/XR functionality.

    Since four years, Julian is a full time employee of the Blender Institute, working at the Blender headquarters in Amsterdam.

  • Sybren works as software developer at Blender HQ. His roles there are project lead of the Animation 2025 project, and module coordinator of the Animation & Rigging module. He also worked on the render farm management software Flamenco, and on USD/Alembic integration.