The journey from Phabricator to Gitea

This talk gives an overview of the work done to migrate away from Phabricator.
It is of interest to those who love to hear about the nitty-gritties of blender's Phabricator usage, the ways in which it is unique and the ways that presents interesting challenges.

Join us for highlights as:
- How do you select a suitable replacement ?
- Why Gitea ?
- What interesting surprises lie in 10.000+ tasks, 15.000+ pull-requests, 54000+ patches ?
- Attachments, Files, Authentication , oh my!
- What do you mean there is a user 'Null' and a user 'None' ?


  • Blender's been a fascination and an obsession since the moment I knew of its existence. As a linux user at the time it was amazing that there was working 3D software available at all.

    My IT-journey starts with 8-bit z-80 machines (yes, i'm that old), DOS PC's for running Povray, and finally Linux when starting to work at a dutch ISP as Unix systems-engineer and doing networking tasks. Ask me …

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