Portrait of Arnd Marijnissen

Arnd Marijnissen

JustaDevopsAndSysAdminGuy — Blender

Blender's been a fascination and an obsession since the moment I knew of its existence. As a linux user at the time it was amazing that there was working 3D software available at all.

My IT-journey starts with 8-bit z-80 machines (yes, i'm that old), DOS PC's for running Povray, and finally Linux when starting to work at a dutch ISP as Unix systems-engineer and doing networking tasks. Ask me about networking, talk geeky to me about configuration-management, nerd me out on micro-electronics!

Responsible for putting together the JustaCluster for rendering Sintel and a number of follow-up projects, I've been using blender off-and-on for a good long time and have had the luck of finding a way to more directly contribute my time and effort into the amazing project that Blender is.

I am in charge of the BuildBot infrastructure as well as being part of the general SysAdmin team at Blender.
Next to that, currently my biggest project is the transition away from our Phabricator site 'developer.blender.org' to new software, Gitea.