Portrait of

Dimitar Pouchnikov

Architect — UH Studio / HOK

Dimitar is a designer in the full sense of the word - he has worked on projects ranging from
brand identities, small products, art installations, theatres and all the way up to masterplans.

As a graduate of one of the leading technology orientated postgraduate programmes in the
world, he fully embraces computational design, while being invigorated by timeless beauty
driven by proportion, harmony, rhythm and contexualism.

He currently works at HOK on
various typological projects, focusing primarily on cultural and
venues, and high-rise developments. Blender is part of his Daily toolkit.

In addition, he operates as an educator at UH Studio with an effort to spread knowledge for new tools within the architectural design spectrum. As a daily Blender user, has used Blender since 2007 and is on a mission to spread the potential of Blender as a concept design tool.


Blender Conference 2019