With a passion for visual communication, a knack for the technical and an eye for the artistic, Jer is always on the lookout for ways to introduce sustainable animation production practices. Having spent the past 15+ years working in 3D animation for TV, film, web and video games, he has turned his attention towards the educational applications of computer graphics technologies.

When asked, Jer has said, "I constantly push my focus back to areas where technology can efficiently and artistically bring information to life. We have so much incredible tech at our fingertips. Open source graphics software and the world wide web have enabled us to share, even complex ideas, through music, video and interactive media."

Jer currently resides in Vancouver, BC in Canada. He is the CG Lead and a member of the steering committee at the Digital Life Project (digitallife3d.org), while also employed as a senior rigging pipeline TD at Mainframe Studios (rainmaker.com).