VR /AR: Virtual productions for Games and edtech. I'm a teacher dedicated to sharing workflows, and expertise in Blender & Unreal Engine. I help Epic Games as a Official Instructor, educator and worked as a TA on the UE5 Fellowships. Blender fan since 2.79 Blender user and educator since 2.8 was released. Worked on many commercial Virtual production sets currently exploring the world of motion capture as a consultant.

💡Passionate about the online education space in every aspect from teaching to helping other teachers how to make game.

🍀Tech startup CTO Founder and co-founder got lucky and I raised from Polish investors and venture capital back in early 2014 to kickstart a 3D printing startup. I learned the hard way hardware is hard. Featured in Techcrunch 2014.

🪵 I’m a Free roaming 3D scanning enthusiast Indie Motion capture fan real-time cg fun maker.

✍️ I Love to bring people into New media teaching over 7K students on Udemy to learn 3D. Worked as freelancer to find and support instructors in Udemy launch in Poland

🐓 Trying to get my foot in the game industry and culture, working on my own mini game to learn more about gaming industry. Open to opportunities!

🖥 Founder of online educational courses producing since 2014 mepi.pl

🩺 Medical device Designer 3D generalist at medica91.com medical online first e-commerce in 🇵🇱 🇪🇺 all-in-one store for doctors and healthcare providers.

🎥I make free YouTube search for all about teaching computer graphics in tools like Blender and many many more great software and games I can’t even list.

🎞Video Editor and gaming fan you can google „Real world third person perspective” my most viral VR experiment :)

📚VFS 2007 digital design alumni
Also 2 year program on Executive MBA Poznań-Atlanta
at the Poznan University of Economics & Business i still need to complete one day..

🎬i worked with musicians, artists, engineers to create cool content! I made courses on SCADA, PLC, Howto’s. Had the Opportunity to Work with amazing artists how to play a 🎸 with jazz legends, to animate rapper lyrics on characters. Mostly in Poland in Polish and now in English.