Having started my career as a musician I later moved in audio and video post production where started using Blender for the creation of 3D logos, particle systems and animations for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Nickelodeon. Wanting to pursue using Blender full time and explore 3D printing I joined LiveLink in June 2014 where I've worked on a wide range of visualisation and production projects including instore kiosks, aerospace and image creation for e-commerce. My team have built systems which use Blender to render visualisations showcasing designs across a wide range of products with final renders optimised to take a matter of seconds. Blender enabled us to run a render on demand service allowing customers to see the custom items they were ordering in near photo real quality in as little as ten seconds. We've even used those original Blender models to create gltf files which now allow customers to view the product from every angle before its in their hands.