Portrait of Nacho Arjona

Nacho Arjona

Founder - Lead Artist — Naolito.com

For over a decade, illustration was my main focus. With over 600k followers on Instagram, my own retail stores based on my brand, and big licensing deals based on my IPs, you could say that I was doing great in such a competitive field as illustration. But something happened, I discovered Blender after the 2.8 release, and then everything changed. I suddenly stopped creating illustrations, to the surprise of my fanbase and family, and devoted myself to learning 3d.

I was always interested in 3d, but I always assumed that it was out of reach for just an artist from Spain with no resources or contacts in the industry. 'Good' software was too expensive, and free software was probably a waste of time, but I couldn't be more wrong. After trying Blender 2.8, and looking at the creations of other members of the community, I decided that 3d was not only accessible but that as a solo artist, I could work on the kind of art I always wanted to create.

I quickly started creating short animations (1) with the same humor and style that my animations always had, but this time, thanks to animation, I had the chance to develop more interesting stories and my characters never had so much life. Even if those animations were obviously the product of a learning artist, and thanks to my platform, they caught the attention of big brands and I quickly started creating content for them using Blender. (2)

Having the support of actual brands made me think bigger, so I launched a crowdfunding campaign to create what was going to be my first short film.(3) Fortunately, the campaign was successful and I was able to plant the seed of what later would become my animation studio. During this time, I've been working on the short film, but also I've been producing content for multiple brands and agencies, which allowed me to keep growing my team, and hence, upping the scale of my short film 'Homework'. Homework is planned to launch in September, but using the Blender conference as a platform to launch it would be a dream.

All mentioned above cover a span of only 2.5 years. Blender skyrocketed my career and allowed me to create things that I didn't even allow myself to dream with.

This is not the presentation btw, I just tried to quickly cover a bit of my journey after discovering blender. I also have experience doing talks in front of big crowds (4), both in English and Spanish, talking about my work, and I'd be delighted to talk at the Blender conference. I think that I have a pretty interesting story to tell.


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