From a young age I drew a lot and played lots of videogames.
Being very interested in game development (like everyone is when they're young?) I used 3ds Max for a while but all trial versions expired so I got into Blender, based on recommendation from my brother Martin. The version was 2.36 and the splash screen was a carrot:).
All our game development efforts ended up rather unsuccesfuly but we both learned so much during those times.
Later I studied architecture at the CTU in Prague, using Blender for visualizations of my and my friends works and also I started teaching Blender as one of the softwares for computer aided design.
In 2016 I started working at AsymmetricA in London, one of the leading architectural visualization studios.
After coming back to Prague in 2018, we founded the company "polygoniq" with my brother Martin and Jan "Johan" Vopička.