I'm a product designer who got bored of all the NURBS modelling and dived into Blender in 2020. My Blender journey started with simple modelling and VFX shots and evolved into procedural rigging projects, shaders and a lot of side projects were started and Blender still manages to keep up with my appetite for new things to play with, so I try to keep up with new improvements every day.

After I got comfortable with Blender, I've worked on many mobile gaming projects both as the artist and the product manager, using Blender on a daily basis. I am currently the creative director at a tech startup dealing with all technical aspects of 3D asset production and AR. I love creating procedural tools and workflows for any task given, a bit laziness helps a lot with this approach of course!

My main area of interest has been shaders, procedural mesh generation and game engine automation. I just love seeing the livelihood of a well thought procedural "anything" come to life. I have been fiddling with geometry nodes quite a lot these days, usually analyzing nature and bringing those insights into Blender and experimenting with them.